Applications for disability, retirement and survivor benefits cannot be processed until all required documents have been submitted to the Fund. We require that the certified original be submitted to our office.  The certified original document must be county or state issued. We will not accept a photocopy unless otherwise noted. All original documents will be returned to you after verification.
The documents indicated below are examples of the types of documents we require: 

  • Beneficiary Designation Form
  • Birth Certificate(s) for the member, current spouse, and any naturally born or legally adopted children (under the age of 22)
  • Marriage or Civil Union Certificate
  • Death Certificate(s) (for your marriage(s) or the previous marriage(s) of your current spouse)
  • Divorce Decree(s) (for the previous marriage(s) for you and/or your current spouse.  Must be the certified copy of the court-entered decree)
  • QILDRO Documents
  • LABF Information Sheet
  • Proof of Social Security Number(s) for you, your spouse and any children under the age of 22.  (Photocopy of Social Security Card, Letter provided by the Social Security Administration, W-2 Form)
  • Your letter of acceptance of resignation by your employer 
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