Ordinary Disability Benefits – Non Work-Related Illness or Injury

  • You are responsible for contacting your department and the City Human Resources department about signing a Leave of Absence form (LOA). 
  • There is a 30 day waiting period from your last day worked for which you will not receive payment from the Fund. 
  • Once approved, beginning the 31st day going forward, you are eligible to receive 50% of your gross monthly earnings.
  • It will take 4-6 weeks after your application is completed before you receive your first payment.
  • This benefit is a taxable benefit and you have the option of having taxes withheld from each check.    
  • A form 1099-R reflecting the payment from the Fund will be issued to you by January 31st following the year in which you receive disability payments.  You will use this form when you file your tax return.
  • Ordinary disability credit is 25% of your total pension service credit up to a maximum of 5 years.  Previous non work related disability periods are not included as part of your service credit. For example:  If you have 8 years of service credit with the Fund, you have 2 years of disability credit.
  • The last day of your available disability credit period is called your "ODCX" date.
  • If your disability extends beyond your disability credit period and you withdraw from service while on disability you are eligible to apply for an annuity regardless of your age.
  • If you have child support deducted from your regular City pay, you will need to notify the Fund and provide the required documentation to have support withheld from your Ordinary disability benefit.

Applying for Ordinary Disability Benefits From LABF:

1. Request an Ordinary Disability Application from LABF by calling (312) 236-2065

2. Common documents needed by LABF for an application to be considered complete:

    a. Complete the federal tax election, sign and date this form

    b. Original certified birth certificate

    c. Photocopy of signed Leave of Absence Form (LOA) 

    d. Attending Physician Certificate (original)

    e. Other documents as requested by LABF

3. Contact your department about applying for a Leave of Absence


You are responsible for calling the Fund (312) 236-2065 when you have been released to return to work.

You are obligated to pay the Fund back any payments made to you on or after your return to work date.

Requesting An Extension Of Your Ordinary Disability Benefits From LABF :

  1. Upon request you will be required to update your condition by completing the LABF Attending Physican Certificate.  You must complete, sign and date the top section and provide the original to your treating physician to complete the bottom portion.
  2. MAIL the original Attending Physician Certificate to the Fund.
  3. Extend your LOA with your department by the specified expiration date (usually every 3 months). 
  4. Provide a legible copy of your LOA extension to the Fund as soon as possible.


Failure to provide the required documentation for extension by the deadline will terminate or suspend your disability benefit payment.

If you misplaced the Attending Physician Certificate call the Fund to request another one. LABF will not accept photocopies or faxes of the LABF form.  You must return originals.

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