Duty Disability Benefits – Work-Related Injury

  • Your application must be completed within one year from the date of injury.  No Duty Disability benefits are payable for any period of time more than one year prior to the date on which the application for disability is received by the Board.
  • Workers’ Compensation pays approximately 66 2/3% of your gross monthly earnings.
  • If you are receiving payments from Workers’ Compensation you are eligible to apply for a Duty Disability supplemental of about 8.3% from the Fund.
  • If you are off of work for a few days, the Fund may pay the entire 75% of your gross annual earnings.
  • The combined benefit paid by WC and the Fund will total 75% of your monthly gross earnings. Unless your disability resulted from a pre-existing physical defect or disease then the benefit is reduced to 50% of your salary. 
  • Workers’ Compensation awards:  According to Illinois Statues, under the provisions of the Workers' Compensation Act, any amount received under such Act will be deducted from LABF payments of Duty Disability benefits.
  • You are entitled to receive an additional $10.00 per month for every unmarried child under the age of 18 as long as we have a certified copy of the birth record on file.
  • The disability benefit you receive is non-taxable income.
  • Once Workers’ Compensation pays you and your application is complete with the Fund, it may take 4-6 weeks before you receive your first payment.
  • If your disability continues beyond 5 years, the benefits shall be increased by 10% on January 1 of the 6th year. 
  • If your injury occurs before you reach age 60, disability benefits can be paid while you are eligible until you reach age 65.  If your injury occurs after you are age 60, the maximum period benefits would be paid is 5 years.

Applying for Duty Disability Benefits From LABF:

1.  Request a Duty Disability application from the LABF by calling (312) 236-2065.
2. Common documents needed by LABF for an application to be considered completed:
      a. Application signed and dated
      b. Original certified birth certificate
      c. Photocopy of City of Chicago Report of Occupational Injury or Illness
      d. Mercy Works Work Status Sheet or treating physician report
          i. Copy of initial and most recent report
          ii. Must be legible and signed by physician
      e. Other documents as requested by LABF
3. You are responsible for calling the Fund (312) 236-2065 when you have been released to return to work. 
4. You are obligated to pay the Fund back any overpayments made to you on or after your return to work date.

Requesting An Extension Of Your Duty Disability Benefits From LABF:

1. Upon request you will be required to update your condition by completing the LABF Attending Physician Certificate.  You must complete, sign and date the top section and provide the original to your treating physician to complete the bottom portion. 

2. MAIL the original Attending Physician Certificate to the Fund.



Failure to provide the required documentation for extension by the deadline will terminate or suspend your disability benefit.

If you misplaced the Attending Physician Certificate call the Fund to request another one.  LABF will not accept photocopies or faxes of the LABF form.  You must return originals.


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