Health Insurance

A Message From the City of Chicago

The City again is sponsoring several fully-insured healthcare coverage options on a retiree-pay-all basis through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (“BCBS”) for 2018. There will continue to be three Medicare Advantage Plan options and two Non-Medicare Plan options. Certain options will have different benefit terms for 2018 than for 2017. The chart below is a summary of the changes; specific information on all the changes will be mailed to current participants by BCBS.

BCBS will be communicating directly with the retirees as to the rates and the specific changes to their healthcare coverage options; there will be no City mailing to these retirees. Members will remain enrolled for 2018 in their current BCBS plan unless they chose to cancel or change the health coverage directly with BCBS. 

The Non-Medicare Open Enrollment packets mailing will take place between October 19th and October 23rd with enrollment between November 15th and December 1st.The Member Service Center will be ready to answer questions beginning on October 19, 2017. 

For the Medicare (“MAPD”) plans, enrollment will start on November 15th and end at the close of business December 1st. The Annual Notice of Change will be mailed out at the end of October with the Member Service Center ready to answer questions beginning October 23, 2017.

The Member Service Center is open seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. for Medicare Eligible retirees and from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday for Non-Medicare Eligible retirees. The telephone numbers are:

Medicare – 1-877-566-8520                Non-Medicare – 1-800-292-6398

Medicare Eligible Retirees MAPD Plan Options


2017 RATES

2018 RATES

Notes for the 2018 BCBS Plans

Option 1
$500 Out of Pocket Max; $20 copays for doctor’s office visits. The prescription drugs covered by the plan will change.
Option 2
The prescription drugs covered by the plan will change.
Option 3
No changes

Non-Medicare Eligible Retirees Coverage Options

PPO for Single
Office visit co-pays apply for doctor’s office visits.
PPO for Couple
Office visit co-pays apply for doctor’s office visits.
PPO for Family
Office visit co-pays apply for doctor’s office visits.
Blue Choice Option for Single
No changes
Blue Choice Option for Couple
No changes
Blue Choice Option for Family
No changes

The City makes no representations or promises that it will sponsor any future healthcare plans for non-Korshak/Window retirees after 2018. These changes do not apply to retirees who are part of the Korshak/Window group, which includes those who retired from the City prior to August 23, 1989.
They will receive a separate notice from the City regarding annuitant contribution rates for 2018.



Helpful information regarding healthcare options for annuitants who are:

Please note that the LABF is providing this information for your convenience and does not endorse any healthcare plan.

Board of Education

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) has released their Retiree Healthcare Rates for 2018.  If you are a CPS Retiree who participates in their healthcare plan, please review these new rates.

Important Information for Board of Education Annuitants and Members

The LABF has been informed by the Board of Education that it will not offer retiree healthcare to employees who retire after September 1, 2013.  Should you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the BOE’s Human Capital Office at (773) 553-4748.

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