Forms & Notifications

This section has our most frequently used forms and notification. Our site is quick, easy and secure to use. Notification can be completed and submitted through the website. 

General Forms To Mail To LABF

Print, Complete, Sign, Date and Mail Original To LABF:

  • Beneficiary Designation: Use this form to designate or change your beneficiaries.  This form cannot be used by survivors and QILDRO members.
  • Change of Address: Use this form to change your address and/or your phone number.
  • Death Notification:  Notify the LABF of an annuitant or a beneficiary death.
  • Electronic Deposit:  Members who receive a monthly benefit may have their payments directly deposited into a designated bank account. Use this form to start direct deposit  or make changes to an existing account.
  • Membership Information Form: The information that you provide will be used to determine your benefits when you retire. This document is a permanent record. 
  • Nationwide Rollover Form: Form used to directly transfer funds from your deferred compensation account with Nationwide Retirement Solutions to LABF for purchasing permissive service credits.
  • Power of Attorney For Property (short form):  Use this form if you wish to designate an agent to handle your financial affairs.
  • Public Comment Form:  Request to address the Board. 
  • Rollover Form for Financial Institutions Other Than Nationwide:  Form used to directly transfer funds from another qualified retirement plan or individual retirement account (IRA) for payment of past service credits.
  • Tax Withholding: (W4-P):  Use this form to elect or change your tax withholdings.
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