Unclaimed Contributions

The attached lists is comprised of the latest data on file with the LABF. Information may have changed over the course of their employment.  Blank fields represent information that is unknown by the LABF. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you file a claim for a benefit or a refund of contributions of an inactive member, documentation may be required.

Members are sorted by last name.

A – E

F – J

K – O

P – T

U – Z


If you, or someone you know, appears on one of the attached lists, click here to request a call from a Benefits Counselor. You may be entitled to a benefit or refund of member contributions.

*PLEASE NOTE: The above links were experiencing technical difficulties in November. This list was revised 12/5/2016. Please check the list periodically for updates. Be sure to always note the DATE REVISED.

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