Working After Retirement

Once you become an LABF annuitant, you must contact the LABF if you plan on returning to work for the Employer. The Employer includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • City of Chicago
  • Chicago Board of Education
  • Chicago Park District
  • Chicago Police Department
  • Chicago Fire Department
  • Chicago Public School
  • Retirement Boards of Chicago Pension Funds
  • Reciprocal System from which you are receiving a proportional annuity
  • Certain governmental employers within Illinois (contact LABF to verify)

Returning to work for the Employer could result in a suspension of your annuity.

Regardless of what your employer tells you regarding your pension status, it is your responsibility to contact the LABF to report your return to work. Failure to inform the LABF of your return to work could result in significant financial repercussions for you. You will be responsible for returning the annuity overpayment. 

If you are considering employment with any governmental employers within the City of Chicago or state of Illinois, please contact the LABF to find out if such employment will affect your annuity. 

When you subsequently retire, your annuity will begin again. If you have rendered at least three years of additional LABF service, the original annuity amount will be recalculated to reflect the additional service.

In summary, protect your LABF annuity by:

  • Contacting the LABF before you return to work to discuss your individual situation.
  • Recognizing that it is your responsibility to contact the LABF to report your return to work and to confirm the effect it may have on your annuity.
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