Attorney Checklist

Are you submitting a Qualified Illinois Domestic Relations Order (QILDRO) addressed to LABF? (LABF does not honor Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO).

Did you use LABF approved QILDRO forms and Consent Form?

Did you submit a draft QILDRO for a free review prior to entering the forms in court?

Did you enclose $50 fee ($100 if you are also submitting a QILDRO Calculation Order)?

Is the QILDRO signed by the judge?

Did you include a signed irrevocable Consent Form? (This is required if the member originally began participation in LABF prior to July 1, 1999.)

Is the QILDRO certified (not file stamped) by the Circuit Court Clerk?

Did you include Social Security Numbers and addresses for both the member and the Alternate Payee?

If Social Security Numbers are redacted from the Orders, did you file a ‘Notice of Confidential Information Within Court Filing’ (SSN Confidentiality Form)?

Did you include Social Security Numbers on the Consent to Issuance of QILDRO?  (This is always required.)

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