How do I change beneficiaries in the event of a divorce?

Contact the Fund and request a new Designated Beneficiary Form. Please note the Fund cannot change dependent information in the event of a divorce without a certified copy of your divorce decree.

Do I have to sign a Consent form?

If you became a participating member prior to July 1, 1999, a Consent Form is required before LABF can implement the QILDRO. However, if you became a participating member after July 1, 1999, then you acknowledge the QILDRO as a condition of your employment and a Consent Form is not required for LABF to implement the QILDRO.

Can my alternate payee receive benefits before me?

No. LABF cannot pay your alternate payee before the member applies for and receives the
benefit to which the QILDRO applies.

How can I or my alternate payee receive benefit information for the divorce or QILDRO? 

LABF will provide a statement that is specifically designed to provide all information required by the QILDRO law.  You may request the information or you may sign a release of information to a specific person.  Otherwise, this statement  can  be obtained through a subpoena for records. If a subpoena for records is submitted, LABF requires a $30 processing fee.

After I request an estimate of my benefits for my court date, how long must I wait for a response?

According to statutes that govern the Fund, a response may take 45 days. Therefore it is
important to plan ahead for your court dates.

If my divorce settlement states my alternate payee or ex-spouse should receive a portion of my benefits, do I still need a QILDRO?

Yes, LABF cannot pay an alternate payee or ex-spouse without a QILDRO. Please note a QDRO is not acceptable.



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