Working After Retirement

Employee annuitants who work for any of the following Employers may face having their annuity payments suspended: 

  • City of Chicago
  • Chicago Board of Education
  • Retirement Boards of Chicago Pension Funds
  • Reciprocal Pension Fund or Retirement System
    (from which you are receiving a proportional annuity)

Contact the LABF before beginning employment with any employer listed above. Upon
subsequent retirement, annuity payments  may resume. If 3 years of additional LABF service is rendered, the annuity amount will be recalculated to include the additional service.

In summary, protect your LABF annuity by:

  • Contacting the LABF before you return to work to discuss your individual situation.
  • Recognizing that it is your responsibility to contact the LABF to report your return to work and to confirm the effect it may have on your annuity.
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