Reciprocal Act

LABF is one of the 13 public pension systems covered under the Illinois Retirement Systems Reciprocal Act.

Under certain circumstances, you may receive an annuity based upon the combined service credit from two or more systems listed in the Retirement Systems Reciprocal Act (“The Reciprocal Act”).

The Reciprocal Act ensures continuous pension credit for public employment in Illinois. Pension credits of more than one year in any reciprocal system may be used to meet qualifications for retirement or survivor benefits.

The Reciprocal Act does not override or change any provisions of the individual systems. Specific requirements for each system must be met before reciprocity can be applied. The use of reciprocity is optional.

A member with reciprocal time may retire independently under each system. If a member elects to use the provisions of the Reciprocal Act, the systems will exchange information regarding service credits, earnings and other pertinent data to determine benefits payable.

Because reciprocal cases are complex, before you retire you should contact both LABF and any other retirement fund to which you may have contributed for further information. It is important to obtain information from each fund since benefits may begin at different dates. 

Systems Covered Under the Reciprocal Act

The purpose of the Reciprocal Act is to assure full and continuous pension credit for all service in any of the following retirement systems:

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