Inactive Members

An Inactive member is an individual who has contributions in the LABF but no longer works for the City, the Board of Education or a Retirement Board of the City of Chicago. An inactive member may work for a reciprocal fund and may, upon retirement, combine LABF service with service from their current reciprocal employer.
Currently, the LABF holds contributions from Inactive Members who have never filed for pension benefits or a refund of contributions. We are trying to find these members. Click here to review the Unclaimed Contributions List to see if you, or someone you know, may be owed a refund of contributions or a benefit.

Also, the heir(s) of deceased members may be entitled to a refund of contributions or a benefit. If you know the heir(s) of a deceased member whose name appears on the Unclaimed Contributions List, please refer them to this website to request a call from a Benefits Counselor for information on determining eligibility.

Thank you for your help with this matter.

If you, or someone you know, appear on one of the lists below, you may be entitled to a benefit or refund of member contributions.

If you file a claim for a benefit or a refund of contributions of an inactive member, documentation may be required.

The lists below are comprised of data on file with the LABF as of 5/16/2022. Member title and department may have changed over the course of employment. Blank fields represent information that is unknown by the LABF. 

The lists are sorted by member last name.

A – E

F – J

K – O

P – T

U – Z

PLEASE NOTE:  Data is updated periodically. The last updated date is noted above and on the bottom of each list. 

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