Disability Benefits Overview

There are two types of disability benefits offered by the Fund.  If you sustain a work-related injury while performing your job you would be eligible to apply for Duty Disability benefits.  If you experience a non work-related injury or illness, you would be eligible to apply for Ordinary Disability benefits.

General Disability Information

  • While on approved disability, your pension annuity rights continue to accrue as though you were working. 

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  • You do not have to pay the disability benefit payment back to the Fund unless you are overpaid. For example:  if you return to work and do not notify the Fund and receive an overpayment of disability benefits, you have to return the overpayment back to the Fund.

  • Heart attacks, strokes or coronary disease is not considered to be work-related so are eligible to apply for Ordinary Disability benefits.  However, if workers' compensation recognizes the claim, then you cannot receive Ordinary Disability benefits.

  • As a courtesy to you, the Fund may use the opportunity to update your file which may include updated contact information, dependent information, and/or request additional documentation such as an updated Beneficiary Designation Form and Information Sheet.  

Contributions and Service Related To Disability

  • Any pension contributions made to the pension fund on your behalf during a disability period are NOT refundable to you should you apply for a refund in lieu of retirement benefits.
  • The disability benefit that is paid to you from the Fund does not use your contributions. 
  • While receiving disability benefits you are accruing service and salary credit towards your retirement.

Disability Application Process

  • You must contact the Fund directly at (312) 236-2065 to apply for any disability benefit.

  • It is your responsibility to provide the Fund with the required documentation for each type of disability.  

Disability Approval

  • Completed disability applications must be reviewed and approved by the Board before any payments from the Fund can be processed. The Board meets once per month and the deadline for the meeting is the month prior.
  • You will receive notification in writing when your disability benefit has been approved with instructions for receiving your check.

Insurance While On Disability 

  • It is your responsibility to contact the City benefits service center (1-877-299-5111) to make arrangements to pay for health and/or life insurance coverage while you are off of work on any disability.

Disability Payment

  • Disability benefits are based upon your salary on the date of injury or illness.  Salary increases granted after you become disabled do not increase your disability benefit unless the salary increase is retroactive to the date of injury or illness.
  • Your disability rate is calclated on a per day basis (7 days per week).
  • Disability payments are issued at the end of the month for the entire month and are not eligible to be delivered via electronic deposit.
  • The check stub from your previous month's payment is the "warrant" for your next payment.  It needs to be completed by responding to all questions and mailed to the Fund after the 20th of the month for your next disability payment to be issued.

Disability Extensions

  • You will be notified in writing by the Fund when you need to extend your disability benefit.
  • Failure to timely provide the required documentation will delay or suspend your benefit. 


  • Employees receiving disability benefits are required to disclose any outside earned income or employment changes.
  • Employment changes not reported to the Fund will affect your future disability, refund or annuity payments.
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