Under state law retirement benefits may not be paid to anyone other than the member, except to an alternate payee pursuant to a valid Qualified Illinois Domestic Relations Order ("QILDRO"). Unless there is a QILDRO, the retirement system will pay retirement benefits or a contribution refund to the member and death benefits to the member’s designated beneficiary.

In 1998, the Illinois legislature passed the QILDRO law which allowed LABF to pay a portion of an employee’s benefit directly to an alternate payee. The QILDRO had to specify the dollar amount that would be paid. In 2005, the QILDRO law was amended to allow for the division of benefits on a percentage basis and to allow for a refund of contributions upon the death of the employee if there is no spouse or minor children.

The following links provide important information and forms designed to assist members, alternate payees, and their legal representatives with the QILDRO process. Should additional detailed information be necessary, please refer to the Illinois Pension Code, ILCS Chapter 40 Article 5/1-119.

The publications found in the links below are for informational purposes only and are not intended to constitute an opinion or professional advice. The subject matter may be of considerable financial significance. LABF strongly recommends the member obtain legal and/or other expert assistance.

Please be advised only the forms provided in the following links will be accepted by LABF. 

QILDRO Instructions and Forms


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